T-Shirt Quilts
I started creating T-shirt quilts when my daughter collected more T-shirts from her High School and music activities than she could possibly wear. By using the T-shirts she collected to make these quilts, I am able to create a treasure from each special period in her life. Take a look at my portfolio of T-shirt quilts and contact me today at knopoff@hotmail.com for more information on how I can produce one of these treasures for you.
Here is the quilt I created from the T-Shirts my daughter collected from her first year marching for the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps.  The quilt contains images I printed onto fabric in addition to the T-shirts. By adding the images into the quilt, I am able to give the quilt an even more personal touch.Here is a bit more detail on the quilt. The completed size is 37 x 61. The quilts are durable -- my daughter used the quilt as a lap blanket at school and was very proud to have it on the bus during college band trips.