Fabrics for the Home
I create fabrics for the home, from traditional upholstery work to room decor projects (like setting a baby's room or redesigning a bedroom). I really enjoy dressing up rooms and using fabrics to create comfortable spaces in the home. If you have a tired piece of furniture that could use some "new clothes" or another room decor project, contact me today at kknopoff@hotmail.com. I can help bring your ideas to life.

I reupholstered a set of chairs to fit within a new decore. Here are the chairs before (in white) and after (in the red).This loveseat was pink velvet. When the room changed, I reupholstered it in this floral damask fabric.Here is a crib set I did as part of a baby's room.Here is the detail looking into the crib. I created the pads and the blanket.The chair was blue. When this became a bedroom for a little girl, I reupholstered the chair in pink. You can also see more detal on the baby's blanket.The little girl from moved from her crib to her "big girl bed." I took the baby blanket and used that as part of her new blanket.This was a comforter I created for a college student. Here is the a bit more detail on the comforter.