Window Treatments
The window treatments I created to match the baby's room.A series of valances for a bay-style dining room.Drapes for a home in Savannah, GA adds color to te room and with the special lining, keeps out the heat.Here is the detail on the drapes I did for the home in Savannah, GA.These drapes replaced double doors to the Master Bedroom suite. By eliminating the Bedroom doors I increased the space in the bedroom and was able to create a grand entranceway.Here is detail on a set of drapes where I was able to use the same pattern throughout the main floor.I created these drapes as part of a Master Bathroom I designed to create a separate space for the bathtub.
Window treatments help create and define living space and immediately set the tone for a room. I love the way they frame a window and work with the other elements in the room. Take a look through my portfolio of window treatments and contact me today at if you would like more information on how I can help you define your living space.